Benefits Of Luxury Senior Housing

There is a misconception that senior housing and communities mean nursing homes and hospice-style environments. The truth is, there are several types of senior living. These types range from traditional nursing home styles to luxury senior living apartments and homes. If you are considering a move to a luxury senior living community, here are some of the benefits to consider. 

Community Services

There are many services that communities and cities offer their residents. These include beauty salons, barbershops, grocery stores, laundry facilities, movie theaters, and transportation to various shopping venues. You may be surprised to find that luxury senior housing communities also offer these options. Many luxury environments are designed to offer everything you or your loved one needs in one location. Transportation and outings are offered to residents and special social gatherings are also offered. 

Private Apartments with Internet

When you begin looking at senior living options, you may be concerned about living situations. You may be concerned that you will need to share a room or have a hospital-style living situation. The truth is, luxury senior living generally offers private apartments for residents. These apartments have layouts that include one or more bedrooms, bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and internet access. All of these are private and for you only. This means you do not need to share a room with another resident and you can maintain your privacy. 

Onsite Gyms and Therapy

Gyms and massage therapy are something you may not associate with senior living environments. With luxury living options you may find gyms, therapy, and even onsite pools for your use. These are all available in secure environments with nursing staff nearby. They also can be the location of your private physical therapy sessions, depending on the home you choose and your medical needs. 

Personal Care Options

For some nursing homes and senior living homes, the idea of personal care options is usually limited to the private bathroom of the resident. The nurse or nursing assistant will offer hair care, skin care, and body care. However, in a luxury senior living environment, you will find personal care options that include much more than a nursing assistant-facilitated option. Beauty salons, skin care visits, barbershops, and spa days are just a few of these options available at luxury facilities. 

If a luxury senior housing or senior living community sounds ideal for you, contact a local senior living community representative. They can discuss your options, give a tour of their facilities, and help you determine if their community is the right senior housing for you. They can also answer questions about monthly rent payments or if your insurance policies will cover them.