3 Benefits To Living In An Assisted Living Facility

As you age, you may reach a point where you need some assistance doing things around your house, but you can still live mostly independently. When that happens, you need a place that is in between living independently and needing to live in a full-care home. An assisted living center can be that happy middle. You can live as independently as you want and get help for the things that you need help with. Living in an assisted facility has several benefits. 

Nursing Staff

One benefit is that assisted living facilities have skilled and registered nurses on staff. They can help in a medical emergency, but that's not all they can do. The nurses can come in and help with medication management. For example, the nurse can make sure that your meds are separated into a pill box so that you can get them out of the right compartment and take them. You will get the right meds and the right time and know if you took them or not. The nurse can also help with things like wound care and keeping an eye on your general health. 


Another benefit of living in one of these facilities is that you will be able to socialize with people your age and understand your circumstances. Assisted living centers tend to have activities for their residents. Those activities include things that can be done at the facility, like game nights, as well as things like shopping outings and trips to museums or theaters. All too often, senior citizens end up isolated because they can't drive as well as they could before, so they are dependent on others or public transportation to get around. Assisted living centers can get around this and eliminate this particular worry. 


Your home may not be as accessible as you need it to be. The doors may be too narrow, you may have stairs that you negotiate, and you may need more support in the bathroom. Assisted living centers have that accessibility already built in. That, in itself, can be really freeing. Being able to take a shower on your own because you have a shower chair and rails as part of your shower unit can be very exciting, and not having to manage stairs while using a cane or walker means you are more mobile. 

Assisted living can be a perfect solution if you can't quite live independently anymore but aren't ready for a complete care facility. For more information, contact a company like Our Lady of Peace.