Tips For How You Can Tell If It's Time For Assisted Living Services For Your Loved One

As your loved one gets older, you might find that you are starting to think about assisted living services more and more. This is a common thing to consider, and it can be a scary thing too. This is often because many people find themselves wondering if they are really going to know when it is time to seek out assisted living facilities for their elderly loved one. A good way to approach this is to read through the following signs that it might just be that time.

Medication Is Not Being Taken Properly

If your elderly loved one is on daily medication, it is for a good reason. Therefore, they need to make sure that they are taking their medication as prescribed every single day.

If you have found that they have been skipping doses or even taking too many doses than necessary simply because they are starting to become overly forgetful, you will want to look into getting help soon. When they move into an assisted care facility, the employees there will make sure that the medication is taken as directed.

They Are Falling A Lot

Even one fall is scary enough. If you are discovering that your loved one has some bruises on them, and you find out it is because they are falling a lot, it is time to consider moving him or her to an assisted living facility.

You would not want your loved one to fall and then become unable to get back up on their own, especially since there is not always someone with them in their home. If they were living in an assisted care facility, this would not be as much of a worry for you because there is always a lot of workers in the building at any given time.

Once you have determined that there are enough reasons to go ahead and move forward with moving your loved one into an assisted living services facility, start making phone calls. There might be a few different places in your area to check out. Start by giving a few of them a call to schedule tours. Make sure that you are taking your loved one with you so that they can have some input in regards to where they are going to move to. Going to tour the facilities together can also help everyone feel much more confident about the move.