Is Your Great-Aunt Moving To An Assisted Living Facility? 3 Housewarming Gifts She'll Actually Use Every Day

Your great-aunt has managed to live independently all of these years, and she's been there throughout each stage of your life. Now, she's entering into a special stage of her own life, and you want to do what you can to make this a special occasion. Older adults often have a mix of emotions about moving to an assisted living facility. While your great-aunt may be sad to leave behind her old home, she may also view this as an opportunity to start a new chapter in life where she can let go of some of the worries that accompanied trying to live alone. Now that she's definitely moving, you can give her one of these gifts to get her excited about her new living arrangements.

Give Her a Favorite Board Game

Assisted living services often involve opportunities for residents to get to know their neighbors. Most likely, your great-aunt will enjoy entertaining her new friends and other visitors who come to her new home. Spend some time thinking about some games that you enjoyed playing with your great-aunt over the years, or you could give her a brand-new one to challenge her brain. Having a board game or two in her new home allows her to have an easy way to entertain her visitors, and you'll always have a good excuse to visit.

Wrap Up a Stylish Throw

Downsizing in the senior years often means needing to find objects that can serve multiple purposes for space saving reasons. A stylish throw instantly works as a piece of decor that brightens up her living space. Your great-aunt can also use the throw on her bed or other furniture to help her stay warmer if she catches a chill. She'll love the warmth that thinking about you brings as she snuggles beneath her new favorite blanket.

Bring Over a Storage Ottoman

You can also help your great-aunt to take advantage of all of the space in her apartment by giving her a functional storage area. An ottoman with a removable top will allow your great-aunt to use the inside as a space to stash games, shoes, blankets, and any other items that she may not be able to find a place for in her new living space. She can then use the ottoman as a place to sit down as she gets dressed or as additional seating when she has multiple visitors at once.

For more information on how you can make the transition easier, contact an assisted living facility near you.