3 Benefits Of Hiring A Wound Care Service

Some conditions, such as diabetes and vascular ulcers, lead to the development of open wounds. Open wounds are also common after certain surgical procedures, after injuries, and for patients who are bed-bound or suffer from incontinence. One option for the short- or long-term care of open wounds is to hire a wound care service. Here are some of the advantages to hiring a wound care service to tend to your or your loved one's open wounds.

1. Proper Care Accelerates Recovery

When you have an open wound, the goal is to get the wound to heal as quickly as possible. While the wound is open, there is a chance that you will develop an infection that can cause further injury or even be life-threatening. If an infection does occur, your wound care service will be able to recognize the early signs so that you can begin prompt treatment to get the infection under control.

Once the wound is properly closed, you can resume your daily activities (or take the necessary steps to return to your normal routine, such as participating in physical therapy). Should your wounds need specialized care (such as suturing or the removal of stitches), your wound care professional can provide the attention you need in the comfort of your own home. Some patients with open wounds find that activity to be painful. 

2. At-Home Care Provides Education for Other Caregivers

Despite your loved ones' best intentions, they lack the professional knowledge to properly care for your wounds. By bringing in an at-home wound care service, you know that you or your loved one are receiving the necessary care. The wound care professional can also equip other caregivers with the knowledge to care for your wounds between at-home visits.

For example, if you have a wound that needs to be re-dressed on a daily basis, the wound care service can teach your loved ones the correct procedures for cleaning and bandaging the wound. This will help encourage healing between visits from the wound care service.

3. Your At-Home Provider Can Coordinate with Your Other Medical Providers

Another benefit of using an at-home provider to tend to an open wound is that the provider can coordinate services with your other medical providers. Many patients and their families find that it is more convenient when medical professionals work together as a team.

Your physician can help your wound care provider understand any challenges that may hinder your recovery, such as underlying health conditions that reduce the rate at which your body heal's itself.