Healthcare Questions To Ask Before You Move Into Assisted Living

When you're thinking about moving into assisted living, it's highly likely that your health is important to you. Your choice to make this move often means that you may need some help with your health, and the practitioners on duty in this living environment will be able to help. Different assisted living homes will often take slightly different approaches to providing healthcare for their residents. It's useful to meet with a facility administrator to learn all that you can about healthcare in the facility, as well as ask some questions that can help you assess whether a home will adequately suit your needs. These are some questions to ask the assisted living administrator.

Which Health Professionals Visit?

Many assisted living homes have a variety of healthcare professionals who visit regularly. This feature is handy for those who may not be able to go out into the community with ease as well as those who simply prefer not to. When you ask this question, you should get a list of not only the health professionals who visit the assisted living home, but also how often they visit. For example, if you're currently receiving a massage once a week, you may wish to continue this treatment upon moving into the home. And, you'll want to ensure that a massage therapist is available weekly.

Can I Retain My Family Doctor?

Physicians are commonplace at assisted living homes. You'll often find that there's either a physician who works out of the assisted living facility or there's one who visits regularly to care for patients. Even if a doctor is available in the facility, you may wish to keep your current family doctor. For example, if you've had a longstanding relationship with him or her or you have several health issues that your family doctor meticulously understands, you'll have peace of mind for staying with him or her. It's always worthwhile to ensure that you can keep your doctor after you move.

At What Point Will I Need To Relocate?

When you're getting ready to move into assisted living, the last thing you might wish to think about is moving out. However, there may come a time that your failing health no longer makes you suitable for this living environment. In such a scenario, it's ideal if you select an assisted living home that has memory care and nursing wings. This way, you may need to leave the assisted living part of the residence, but you can remain nearby in a specialized care area. Check to see what standards you'll need to maintain to remain in assisted living.

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