3 Benefits Seniors Can Experience From Playing Games

Moving to an assisted living facility can be a tough event for a senior, but it can also be a highly beneficial move for many reasons. Seniors living at assisted living facilities have access to help, and this includes help with medical issues, medication, meals, and much more. In addition, a move to a senior living facility opens up many opportunities for the residents, and one of these is playing games with other residents. Playing games is something that is very good for seniors, and here are some of the benefits this offers.

It Offers A Way To Be More Social

Living in isolation is a common issue seniors have when they stay living at home, and this typically leads to loneliness. Loneliness is not only bad for a person's mental state, but it can also lead to a variety of health issues, and it can even cause seniors to die faster. A move to an assisted living facility offers an easy solution for loneliness. When living there, seniors have other people around them all the time, yet they each still have private rooms of their own to go to when they sleep or want to be alone.

Most assisted living facilities have calendars full of events planned for the residents in the communities. These activities are designed to encourage the residents to be more social, and taking part in these activities helps seniors meet other people and make new friends. One of the activities you may find on the calendar at an assisted living facility is game night. This might be something that is available every day or night, or it might be offered just a couple times a week. In either case, it can help the residents become more sociable with others, and this will help decrease the feelings associated with loneliness.

Games Are Great For Brain Health

A second benefit this offers seniors is the ability to keep their brains healthy. Stimulation to the brain is essential for good brain health, and playing games is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Exercise for the brain is just as essential as exercise for the body. It has the same effects, except that exercising the brain focuses solely on improving the functions of the brain. If a person wants to keep his or her brain sharp and have a better memory, it will take effort and work. Luckily, playing games is a fun way to exercise the brain.

Playing games on a regular basis is so good for the brain that it may reduce the risks of developing dementia or Alzheimer's, and this is one of the reasons assisted living facilities encourage the residents to take part in game days.

Playing Games Is Good Physically

Finally, when seniors play games, it might actually help them physically. Taking part in group games can help seniors feel less depressed and may help lower their blood pressure. In addition, playing games often requires movement. For example, playing the game of Bingo will require the person to pick up small tokens in order to place them on the boards. This is a great form of physical therapy, and it can be very helpful for people struggling with arthritis or other issues that cause a loss of mobility.

If you have a parent that is living alone and is starting to need more assistance, you may want to sit down with him or her and talk about assisted living. While this is a big move for a senior to make, it is a move that offers a lot of key benefits. To learn more, contact an assisted living facility in your area today.