Make Your Move: Choosing A Home After Retirement

After retirement, senior adults are finally free to choose the home of their dreams without worrying about past concerns, such as being near their workplace or the right school district for the kids. While this freedom will add some fun to searching for a new home, it is important to remember to keep your future needs in mind. According to the AARP, it is best to tour several prospective homes and talk to residents and staff members to make sure you find the perfect fit. As you begin your tours, here are the top things to consider that will ensure you find a home that suits your lifestyle well into the future.

Assess the Required Maintenance

For many retired adults, years of tending lawns and repairing leaky fixtures are something they would rather put in the past. Spend a few minutes thinking about how much home maintenance you are comfortable performing and how future health conditions might interfere with timely repairs. If you would rather focus on enjoying life instead of toiling away at chores, then a managed senior community will be the preferred choice for your situation.

Choose the Right Floor Plan

Seniors have unique needs when it comes to selecting a floor plan. Ideally, the home you choose should be either single level or have indoor elevators to take you to your correct floor. In addition to making sure you have easy access to the entrance, choose a floor plan that uses the available space with maximum efficiency. For example, walking paths should be wide enough to accommodate mobility devices, and your bathroom should be located close to your sleeping area.

Explore the Available Social Opportunities

Your retirement years are the perfect time to make new friends and spend more time with your family. Spending time socializing with others is so important that the Harvard School of Public Health has even linked close relationships to a decline in age-related memory loss. Many independent living communities plan special events for residents such as shopping trips that encourage neighbors to get to know one another while contributing to better overall mental health for everyone.

A new home should always fit your lifestyle and future goals, and now is the time to finally choose a residence that contributes to your happiness. From searching for the perfect floor plan to talking to potential neighbors, doing your research will help you enjoy greater independence and well-being throughout your golden years.

For more information about the living facilities available to seniors, contact companies like Kind-er Care, Inc.