Assisted Living Versus Elderly Care: What's Best?

When your loved one is no longer able to care for themselves or live on their own, you start thinking about the best options for them regarding their elderly care. You can place them in assisted living, which is where they receive care in an assisted living facility, or you can have them receive elderly care at home or where they are currently living. Which is best? In the end, it all comes down to what your loved one ultimately needs or desires.

Alzheimer's Care Essentials for Home Health

According to the Alzheimer's Association, one of every 10 people aged 65+ has Alzheimer's dementia. People with dementia and Alzheimer's require specialized memory care to help slow the progression of memory loss and maximize their cognitive function. These are some of the essentials you need to consider when providing Alzheimer's care at home or working with an agency that specialized in-home memory care. Encourage Family Engagement Even as memories fade the need for socialization remains high among Alzheimer's patients.

Skilled Nursing: Why Seek This Kind Of Care For Yourself?

Skilled nursing should not be confused with traditional care received in a nursing home or even an at-home setting. While you can hire a CNA or other healthcare person to assist you in your home or in a community center for seniors or differently-abled people, you should consider skilled nursing instead of another type of professional. Why? Use this guide to help you understand why this is the type of care you want.