Why Enrolling Your Elderly Parent In An Assisted Living Facility Is Better Than In-Home Care

An assisted living home is a nursing facility for individuals needing personal and medical care. It has trained professionals who care for the elderly, sick, and disabled persons. The older your parent gets, the more dependent they become. While you may consider home-based care, signing them into a retirement facility is a wiser option. This article will share the benefits of enrolling your parent in an assisted living facility over in-home care.

Provision of Medical Care

Health is one of the aspects that deteriorate greatly with age. Medical care is, therefore, essential. Assisted living homes have full-time nurses certified to care for any sick individuals in the facility. This includes administration of drugs, first aid, and dressing of wounds.

An in-home caregiver may not have special training in dealing with your sick, elderly parent. This will limit their service, forcing you to hire a nurse for regular checkups. The nursing assistant in the assisted living facility will also know how to deal with your elderly parent in case of any emergency.

Supervised Nutrition

If you notice severe weight loss in your elderly parent, it may be an alarming sign that you need to register them into a retirement home. This unexplained weight loss may be due to diminishing health, difficulty in cooking, loss of appetite, or not eating a balanced diet. Unfortunately, keeping track of your parent's eating habits is not easy. In a home for the elderly, your elderly parent will be provided with well-balanced meals that are nutritionally rich to cater to their health needs.

Personalized Care and Assistance

Over the years, your senior parent will become highly dependent. A lot of the time, they will not be able to perform daily functions and need constant care. This includes personal hygiene practices, walking, dressing, doing laundry, and housekeeping.

In an established assisted living facility, the staff will offer hands-on assistance even in special cases such as when memory and respite care is needed. This will spare you the financial burden that comes with a home care aide.

Fitness and Recreational Facilities

Life may get lonely for your parent as they get older, especially if they have difficulty walking and rarely get out of the house. In an assisted living facility, there are other people with whom they can interact and pass time. Nursing homes also organize fitness classes and socialization activities to engage your elderly parent and give them a sense of belonging.

When you notice that your elderly parent is showing alarming signs such as serious weight loss, dementia, and frequent falling, it may be time to sign them into a senior care facility. An established assisted living home will take utmost care of your elderly parent in the ways highlighted above. 

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