5 Helpful Services Offered At Assisted Living Facilities

Are you thinking about encouraging your senior parent to move to an assisted living facility? If so, it is probably because your parent needs some assistance with everyday tasks. It might also be because you are worried about your parent living all alone at home. Assisted living offers a combination of independence and assistance, and the services they offer the residents are extremely helpful. Here are five of the services they offer that will help your parent a lot.

1. 24-Hour Access to Help

The first helpful service your parent will receive is 24-hour access to help and assistance. When the residents at an assisted living facility need help, they can call for help or push a button to receive services. Someone will come to assist them whenever they need it, and they can receive help with any task necessary.

2. Meals

Secondly, your parent will receive healthy meals each day while living there. Some facilities bring the meals to their rooms, while others have community cafeterias where the residents can go to eat. Every day, your parent will receive three meals, which means you will not have to worry if your parent is eating right or not.

3. Medication Assistance

Most residents at assisted living facilities take medication daily. If your parent has ever struggled with this task, you will feel better knowing that help is available with this task. At an assisted living facility, they will disburse each person's medications to them when needed. If your parent takes medicine several times a day, the staff will ensure that they receive this at the appropriate times.

4. Transportation Services

The next helpful service your parent will receive is transportation services. When the residents need to go places, they can sign up for rides. Most assisted living facilities also plan group outings for the residents, which offers fun things for them to do.

5. Activities

Finally, you can expect the facility to offer activities for the residents. Some facilities have activities every day, while others might have them only a few times a week. They might offer a game day that they can take part in, or they might offer musical entertainment.

Additionally, an assisted living facility offers a safe and secure place for seniors to live. They receive private rooms to provide the independence they need, yet they always have access to help. If you are interested in learning more about assisted living, contact a facility today.