Skilled Nursing: Why Seek This Kind Of Care For Yourself?

Skilled nursing should not be confused with traditional care received in a nursing home or even an at-home setting. While you can hire a CNA or other healthcare person to assist you in your home or in a community center for seniors or differently-abled people, you should consider skilled nursing instead of another type of professional. Why? Use this guide to help you understand why this is the type of care you want. You'll learn what skilled nursing is, how you can take advantage of it, and why you should seek these services when you ask for help as you age.

What is skilled nursing?

Skilled nursing is essentially a type of nursing where only a registered nurse or other trained and licensed professional can be titled a skilled nurse. What makes a skilled nursing facility or professional different from others is what types of services they can provide: skilled nursing allows you to have access to specialized injury care, IV treatments, and other special medical care that traditional nursing home employees may not be able to provide to you.

How you can take advantage of skilled nursing

In order to gain access to the special medical care and attention you need via skilled nursing, you have to be referred for this type of care by your doctor. Your doctor may recommend skilled nursing if you have recently had surgery, are suffering from an illness that requires constant care, or need to go in for special physical therapy or need speech therapy due to a stroke or age-related issues.

If you are concerned about your needs following an injury, your declining physical health, or surgery, then ask about receiving skilled nursing in either an assisted living center temporarily or in another setting. Your doctor can recommend a special one-on-one nurse or a whole staff of individuals who can help treat you and assist you in getting well.

Why take advantage of skilled nursing

The main reason to take advantage of skilled nursing is this: you may be able to stay at home and receive the care you need in the comfort of your own residence with this type of care. Without skilled nursing, your health may continue to decline or you may be put in a position where you have to rely on family members or others to care for you. Whether you end up choosing to receive skilled nursing at home or in another setting, you can take better care of your health by having a skilled nursing professional care for you.